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Trip report May 2015

It was very hot in May and many normal rains stayed away. There had already been a long drought and besides many, lengthy power cuts, water will also now only be supplied in dribs and drabs to the population. The tourist resorts, however, notice nothing of this.newschoolbuilding2015

During one of my visits together with Judith and Roberto to the Colegio Asher, for the first time I saw the inside of the big yellow building, which is also visible from the road from Sosúa to Puerto Plata. This building was built by the Canadian Samaritans, and they provide it free of charge to the Colegio. The school itself must pay for everything else. The building contains one great big room for up to 400 pupils and is also multifunctional. The current number of 240 pupils can therefore still increase considerably. The adjacent second building, which is still under construction, contains many classrooms and will hopefully be completed in August.

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Trip report November 2014

A visit with a black edge.

The day before my departure to Sosúa it appeared that my beloved brother-in-law was seriously ill, and that he had only a very short time to live. I departed with this feeling. After I arrived I kept my case packed, which meant I had the feeling that I could immediately leave again. Luckily that was unnecessary; however, within 24 hours after my arrival home, my brother-in-law died. He had even waited for me, as the family agreed.

Happily, there also seemed to be many positive things to report about the projects and that gives a good feeling.

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Trip report May 2014

With seven people crammed into a public taxi reversing slowly on a dual carriageway, without proper brakes, shock absorbers and lights. Yes! Then you know you're back in the Dominican Republic. Just before this we were in a traffic jam caused by a protest march of residents from Montellano.

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Trip report may/June 2013

From my splendid, trusted base, the Casa Marina hotel in Sosúa, I visited our projects once more and this time managed to keep my feet dry, with one exception! In the mountains, where I was then, it often rains, whereas the sun shines in Sosúa.
Judith Terrero, from the Colegio Asher, told me that the Ministry of Education in the DR has recognised the evening classes of her Colegio Asher, which also means that the Ministry will pay the salary for one teacher for these evening classes with effect from August 2013.

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