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Your support

Why do we need your support?


  • is a means of providing sustainable social improvement.
  • provides income
  • works against corruption
  • works against drugs and prostitution and crime
  • improves healthcare
  • provides awareness of the vulnerability of the environment
  • improves how animals are handled


Without continuity of funding, the children will be unable to finish their education.

Then there is a huge risk of them resorting to roaming the streets, drugs, and crime.

 In European countries, we all enjoy the opportunity to go to school. This provides many of us with an opportunity to help others who do not enjoy this privilege.
Grasp this opportunity!



* Help from volunteers

From time to time, people from Europe, the United States or Canada offer to work for our foundation in Sosúa for a couple of weeks as volunteers. This is naturally very welcome. However, what people often do not realise is that they must pay their own travel and accommodation costs. Just like many other organisations, we cannot spend the limited amount of money we receive from donations to pay for such costs. This would mean that we would only be able to help fewer disadvantaged children in the Dominican Republic. Our strength actually lies in keeping the costs as low as possible and giving the maximum possible amount to provide education for Dominicans and Haitians in the Dominican Republic.   

* English translations are donated by Dave Calderhead and from November 2017 by Wien Caljouw.