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June 2018

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APRIL 2018

Improvement education

The Dominican government is increasingly investing to improve education. Many children can now receive education during a whole the day, whereas previously it was only half a day. However, not all schools are adapted to the new system and there are children, mostly school-going age in remote areas, who still have to do their education for half a day.

In order to achieve better quality in education, newly appointed teachers must take an additional entrance examination. Higher demands are also being made on district administrators in education.


Colegio Asher

One of the pupils of the Colegio Asher, Amauris is 10 years old, and has a mental disability. He has a mental level of a 5 year old child. After 2 years with a lot of extra lessons and attention to his mental disability, Amauris is progressing enormously with learning and is now very interested in reading.

Sosua Kid

The sad news reached us that on February 1st a 9-year-old boy, who received a school uniform from the Sosua Kids for years, was killed in a gas explosion. In recent years I have visited the family of this boy a number of times, so I knew him personally.
Words fail here.