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Sosuakids naar School



The Help Sosua kids go to School Foundation was set up on 27 November 2007 by Sylvia Berkley. The actual activities had already commenced in the second half of 2006. school kids with Sylvia

During her holiday in the Dominican Republic in February 2006, Sylvia saw widespread poverty, children roaming the streets with bare feet,sexual abuse of children by tourists, and other things wrong. After returning to the Netherlands, Sylvia decided to try to help by enabling more poor children to go to school.

Sosua Kids Ass.

To this end, she got in touch with the Sosúa Kids Ass. in Sosúa. This organization is run by a group of American, Canadian and Dominican people, all of whom are voluntary workers. The organization ensures that school uniforms, shoes and learning materials are provided to poor children. Everyone has to buy these items to be admitted to the state’s schools, and poor parents or orphans are unable to pay these costs.

Colegio Asher

Financial assistance is also provided for the Colegio Evangelico Asher, by contributing to furnishing costs, teachers’ wages, clothes and food. In 2006, a Dominican couple, Judith en Roberto Terrero set up the Colegio Evangelico Asher, a private school for children who previously lived on a rubbish dump. Haitian children who are refugees are also admitted to this school. These children cannot go to the state schools. The government contributes nothing to their school, because it is not a state school.


The support of our foundation now enables some 400 underprivileged children to go to school during the 2018-2019 school year.

The Foundation is small-scale, has no commercial ties and works with donations that mainly come from private individuals.