Muurschilderproject La Esperanza van start

Carin Steen is met de kinderen van de La Esperanza Middle School in Chimaltenango - Guatemala van start gegaan met de voorbereidingen van het muurschilderproject.

How to print dozens of colours when your printer only has 4 ink cartridges? Why does an enlarged image show coloured dots? Why do pictures sometimes look blurry when you blow them up? How to create shades of grey with only one black marker? That’s the kind of stuff we talked about yesterday with the kids at the La Esperanza Middle School in Chimaltenango. Then it was time to get our hands dirty: the students of Grade 7 and 9 copied yet again a superhero, this time in shades of grey. They had the option to use graphite pencil or a marker. They all opted for, safer I guess, pencil. But with pretty good results. Hopefully by next week we’ll have gotten rid of that fear for making mistakes with permanent black ink.
Grade 8 was working in pairs to copy small superheroes in full colour onto big sheets of cardboard. Few of the students finished, so yet again, the assignment is left for next week as “non-obligatory homework”. If things will go as they did last week, the drawings are probably already done by now…

And great news! Besides the donation received from the Uno Más Foundation, the Dutch Foundation Colour4Kids will sponsor the part of the project that still needed funding. Many thanks!!!